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Prudential values your business and your trust.  We respect the privacy of your personal information and take our responsibility to protect it seriously.  This privacy notice is provided on behalf of the Prudential family of companies listed at the end of this notice (Prudential), and applies to our current and former customers.  This notice describes new ways in which we will share your personal information within Prudential and your right to opt out of such sharing.

Protecting Your Personal Information
We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. The people who are authorized to have access to your personal information need it to do their jobs, and we require them to keep that information secure and confidential.

Personal Information We Collect
We collect your personal information when you fill out applications and other forms, when you enter personal details on our websites, when you respond to our emails, and when you provide us information over the telephone.  We also collect personal information that others give us about you.  This information includes, for example:

  • Name
  • Address, email address, telephone number, and other contact information
  • Income and financial information
  • Social Security number
  • Transaction history
  • Medical information for insurance applications
  • Consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies
  • Participant information from organizations that purchase products or services from us for the benefit of their members or employees

Using Your Information
We use your personal information for various business purposes, including:

  • Normal everyday business purposes, such as providing service to you and administrating your account or policy
  • Processing transactions and claims
  • Business research and analysis
  • Marketing products and services of Prudential and other companies in which you may be interested
  • Compliance with laws

Sharing Your Information
We may share your personal information, including information about your transactions and experiences, within Prudential and with other companies who perform services for us or on our behalf, for our everyday business purposes, such as providing services to you and administering your account or policy.  We may also share your personal information with another financial institution if you agree that your account or policy can be transferred to that financial company.
We may share your personal information within Prudential so that the Prudential companies can market their products and services to you.  We may also share consumer report information within Prudential which may include information about you from credit reports and certain information that we receive from you and from consumer reporting agencies or other third parties.  For those customers who have one of our products through a plan sponsored by an employer or other organization, we will share your personal information either in a manner consistent with the terms of the plan agreement or in a manner consistent with our agreement with you.

We may also share your personal information as permitted or required by law, including, for example, to law enforcement officials and regulators, in response to subpoenas, and to prevent fraud.

Unless you agree otherwise, we do not share your personal information with other companies for them to market their products or services to you.  We may tell you about a product or service that other companies offer and, if you respond, that company will know that we selected you to receive the information.

Limiting Our Sharing – Opt Out/Privacy Choice
You may tell us not to share your personal information within Prudential for marketing purposes, and not to share consumer report information within Prudential, by “opting out” of such sharing.  To limit our sharing for these purposes:

If you previously told us not to share your personal information within Prudential for marketing purposes, or not to share your consumer report information, you must renew your “opt out” of such sharing through the methods noted above.  If you are no longer our customer, we will continue to share your information as described in this notice.

You are not able to limit our ability to share your personal information within Prudential and other companies for servicing and administration purposes.  

Questions and Corrections
We will send notices at least once a year, as federal and state laws require.  If you have any questions about how we protect, use, and share your personal information or about this privacy notice, please call us.  The toll-free number is 1-877-248-4019.

We reserve the right to modify this notice at any time. This notice is also available anytime at www.prudential.com.
This notice is being provided to customers and former customers of the Prudential companies listed below.  If we acquire a company prior to delivery of the next annual notice, we may share your information with the acquired company in the same manner as other Prudential companies described in this notice.

Insurance Companies and Insurance Company Separate Accounts
The Prudential Insurance Company of America; Prudential Annuities Life Assurance Corporation; Pruco Life Insurance Company; Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey; Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (PRIAC); PRIAC Variable Contract Account A; CG Variable Annuity Account I & II (Connecticut General)
Pruco Insurance Company of Iowa; All insurance company separate accounts that include the following names: Prudential, Pruco, or PRIAC

Insurance Agencies
Prudential Insurance Agency, LLC; Mullin TBG Insurance Agency Services, LLC; MC Insurance Agency Services, LLC

Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisers
AST Investment Services, Inc.; Prudential Annuities Distributors, Inc.; Global Portfolio Strategies, Inc.; Pruco Securities, LLC; Prudential Investment Management, Inc.; Prudential Investment Management Services LLC
Prudential Investments LLC; Prudential Private Placement Investors, L.P.

Bank and Trust Companies
Prudential Bank & Trust, FSB; Prudential Trust Company

Investment Companies and Other Investment Vehicles
The Asia Pacific Fund, Inc.; Prudential Investments Mutual Funds; Prudential Capital Partners, L.P.; Target Asset Allocation Funds; The Target Portfolio Trust; Advanced Series Trust; The Prudential Series Fund; Private Placement Trust Investors, LLC; All funds that include the following names: Prudential, PCP, or PCEP

Vermont Residents:  We will comply with Vermont law when sharing information we collect from or about Vermont residents.  Consequently, we will automatically treat all customers who are Vermont residents as having told us not to share their personal information for marketing purposes and not to share consumer report information.