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Business Integrity at Prudential

"Our customers' willingness to trust us is based on their belief that we will fulfill the promises we make and that we will always act with integrity." 

Charles F. Lowrey 
Chairman and CEO
Prudential Financial, Inc.

Everyone associated with Prudential conducts business within a framework of laws, rules, regulations, high ethical standards, policies and procedures. Prudential's enterprise ethics office, known as Global Business Ethics & Integrity, began in 1994 and integrates and guides Prudential's global business ethics programs around the world. It actively supports Prudential's commitment to high standards by facilitating behavior consistent with our code of conduct and by fostering a culture that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of potential misconduct.

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Prudential's Code of Conduct - Making the Right Choices

At Prudential, we are committed to doing business the right way to maintain and enhance our reputation in the marketplace and to continue to earn the trust placed in us by our customers and other stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct, Making the Right Choices, includes our principles, core values and articulates the high ethical business standards expected of everyone associated with Prudential.

 This code serves to guide us to act in a manner consistent with our company purpose, principles and core values.

Responsibility and Accountability

We hold everyone associated with Prudential responsible for understanding and abiding by our Code of Conduct and accountable for working with high ethical standards.

When Prudential employees are hired, they are required to complete an ethics course and to attest to their commitment to follow the high ethical standards of behavior outlined in our code of conduct. On an ongoing basis, doing business the right way is reinforced through training and education.

In addition, employees are required to disclose any potential or perceived conflicts of interest consistent with our policies and our code of conduct.

Our Principles Guide Us

We do the right thing.

Above all, we conduct ourselves in an ethical way, recognizing our role as a leader in the global community; we value the trust our customers, employees, investors, partners and communities place in us.

We take a long-term perspective.

We are committed to making lives better over the long term by providing solutions that stand the test of time; we anticipate the implications of our decisions now and in the future and take smart risks.

We win with talent, culture and execution.

Our diverse talent and inclusive culture give us an advantage in the marketplace and allow us to develop and execute on innovative solutions to address our customers’ challenges as they evolve.

We make and keep promises.

We manage our company well and are able to take on risk for our customers; we live up to our commitments; our ability to make lives better depends on keeping the promises we make over the long term.

Human Rights

Prudential is committed to the protection and promotion of human rights throughout our company, and in all aspects of our business dealings around the world.

At Prudential, employees are provided with an inclusive work environment that encourages diversity and ensures both fair treatment and equal opportunity.  As evidenced by our policies addressing anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, non-retaliation, human trafficking and slavery, fraud prevention, data security, and data privacy, the company does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, retaliation, human trafficking/slavery, or corruption in any form.

Our culture of respect extends beyond our employees, and includes all individuals, including but not limited to independent contractors, interns, volunteers, agents, vendors, clients and customers. Prudential’s policies require compliance with all local laws regarding employment and labor, and the rights of both employees and the individuals with whom we conduct business around the globe.  The company provides multiple avenues to report any concerns of inappropriate conduct without fear of retaliation, including an anonymous Global Business Ethics & Integrity Help line which is available to both internal and external parties.

Consistent with our dedication to human dignity for all, Prudential acknowledges and adheres to the UN Human Rights Council’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Specifically, Prudential is fully committed to supporting and respecting the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and in ensuring the company is not complicit in any abuse of human rights around the globe.

Prudential works to ensure its policies and practices foster a work environment that upholds our high standards of integrity, which promotes responsible citizenship globally.  Simply put, we are committed to making the right choices.

Resources for Reporting Ethical Concerns

Prudential has a number of resources available for those who seek information about or guidance on the code of conduct, or who wish to report a potential violation of standards or policies. This process encourages employees to seek out local management or their local ethics officers, who are located within Prudential's businesses and functional areas. In addition, Prudential's telephone help line and website are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and are continually promoted as resources to report or to seek guidance on ethical issues.

Compliance Enforcement

Prudential has a compliance infrastructure that is responsible for the coordination, oversight, monitoring, and enforcement of Prudential's policies, compliance programs and activities. Prudential offers compliance training for employees and management on a variety of topics. Additionally, guidance and support are provided from the compliance teams within the businesses. If a Prudential employee fails to comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies and procedures, he or she could be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


Prudential is committed to operating openly, and we believe the best way to address the concerns and questions about how we do business is to continually communicate to our employees our principles and core values and to demonstrate integrity in all aspects of conducting business.