Prudential Relocation offers technology solutions that enable our clients to increase their productivity and empower their employees to take control of their relocation. If you are not a client, please contact us to learn more.

Our technology strategy is organized around the following five key areas

Security, Backup and Data Privacy are Paramount

Leveraging resources from our parent company, Prudential Financial, we are able to provide peace of mind to our clients that their data and financial information, and their employees' personal data is protected and secure. Security standards surrounding our technology are unparalleled. In the event of a disaster or other unforeseen event, we have robust business continuation plans designed to ensure there is no disruption to service delivery or breach of privacy.

Data Integration and Access

Prudential Relocation uses an integrated data warehouse to consolidate critical elements of every transaction. Clients and their transferring employees can easily access their information using our  ReloCenter website designed specifically for this purpose.

Self -Service Web Sites for Client and Transferees

This table displays the key features of our self-service websites.

Features Benefits
Relocation Policy Information
  • Employees view their specific policy benefits
  • Employee sees only relevant portions of client's policy
Employee Initiation and Order Submission
  • Online initiation streamlines the process
Online Expense Submission
  • Employees can submit their relocation expenses online for reimbursement and view the status of their expense reports. This saves time and speeds reimbursement.
Cost Estimator
  • Clients can project relocation costs based on supplied information which allows for client-specific budget planning and expense projections.
Supplier Status Updates
  • Integration with van lines and real estate brokers to get up-to-the-minute service status without needing separate IDs, links, or other connections
Employee needs assessment
  • Relocating employees have the option to communicate their relocation needs to their relocation counselor online
3-Way Message Center
  • The relocation counselor, relocating employee and client contact communicate with each other through posted notes
  • Each person can post notes as private, shared with one party, or shared by both parties enabling rapid sharing of information and chronological recording of communications
  • Recording of all notes provides documentation of communication throughout the relocation process
Service Advice, Checklist and Online Tools
  • Using the relocating employee's profile, the site provides information relevant to the services the employee receives including documents to be completed
  • Employees can view and print documents from their view, giving them immediate access to the contents of their welcome and contract packets and other standard forms
Customizable Timeline
  • Each timeline is generated based on data collected during the initiation process
  • The relocation counselor and relocating employee can personalize the timeline by adding items unique to the employee's situation
  • As items are completed, the employee can check them off
  • The system sends the employee weekly email reminders about pending items
Client-Specific Links
  • Client-specific links enable you to identify links to products and services your relocating employees may need
  • Employees can easily take advantage of all the benefits negotiated for them, fully leveraging corporate partnerships
Domestic Destination Information
  • Through our site and links to others, we provide maps and information on lifestyles, local schools, utilities, transportation, and many other features an employee and his or her family can use to research a new community
International Destination Information
  • Relocating employees can view links to central repositories such as the CIA Fact Book, the Centers for Disease Control, and more specific resources for cultural information
U.S. Property Search
  • Employees can review a customized national property search database, tailored to address their unique needs
Reference Library
  • Clients and their employees may access relocation and real estate-related information and advice on specific concerns and issues affecting their relocation programs and their moves
Client Help Desk
  • Client contacts have toll-free access to a dedicated Help Desk to assist with questions, access issues, and any technical concern.
  • Help Desk team members work with the user to identify and resolve the problem during the first contact, if possible, and they work closely with other internal teams to resolve any issues requiring further action
  • Help Desk is available Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Arizona time
  • Voicemail and email messages left outside these hours are acted upon the next business day
  • The online Reports library enables the client to view multiple moves, the types of service, the U.S. home sale inventory, and theeir program costs including expense disbursed to relocating employees. Reports can be downloaded into Microsoft® Word, Excel or Adobe® PDF formats. Ad hoc reporting features allow users to customize their reports.

Financial Management

The foundation of our financial platform is Oracle Financials. Our parent, Prudential Financial, has selected Oracle as the enterprise standard.

Innovative and Value Added Applications

Beyond the tools required to manage the day-to-day operations of your relocation program, Prudential Relocation offers innovative and value added applications.
  • Home ConnectionsSM is a voluntary benefit platform, offering access to home and move related discounts to all your employees. It is presented on a self-service web application, which can be linked through your intranet. This extends the value of Prudential Relocation's buying power to current and retired employees.

  • Our Proprietary ePolicy Toolbox houses the policies of over 500 corporate and government clients. This is a robust application that enables us to bring benchmarking and best practices to you. It can query information by industry segment, geographic location and individual policy component in a matter of minutes. This is designed to facilitate and expedite critical decision processes.

  • Our public website, has a Resource Center, which hosts and organizes strategic advice and counsel for your relocation programs. This includes interactive, multimedia web seminars, available 24/7. In addition, you can submit questions to our team of consultants any time using the Ask a Consultant feature on our site. Periodically, we bring together the collective knowledge and experience of our staff and client base through online events and seminars. This underscores our commitment to develop innovative best practices through thought leadership.