Intercultural Training for Expatriates

Customized Intercultural Training for Expatriates Programs are designed to speed the transition and make your employees and their families comfortable and productive on their new assignments.

Repatriation Programs

Extensive research has shown that re-entry problems are complex, and can be as difficult, if not more difficult, than adjusting to another culture.  The Repatriation Program is designed and customized to address any combination of re-entry issues individuals or families face.

Youth and Teen Intercultural Training Programs

To a great extent, an assignee's performance on an international assignment is affected by how well the rest of the family adjusts to the move. Before relocating, the many issues impacting each family member need to be carefully considered and fully addressed. Recognizing the importance of the family's children in any major decision, Youth and Teen Intercultural Programs address the special concerns of children facing an international move. 

Follow-Up Coaching

Follow-Up Coaching sessions provide employees and their families with additional support during their transitions and for the duration of the assignment. 


Prudential Relocation's  CultureWizard™, powered by RW3, is a Web-based tool to help clients' employees learn how to conduct business, interact socially and avoid faux pas when traveling on business internationally or on inter-country work assignments. CultureWizard provides 24/7 Web-based cross-cultural resources and builds upon specific blended learning solutions to supplement classroom-based delivery options. Download the CultureWizard™ Brochure

Language Training

Language training equips relocating employees and families for living and working in their host country by training them in the local language and business vernacular. We offer customized, personal training programs in over 60 languages.