Your company's relocation policies are critical to the success of your entire mobility program. We will consult you in creating a customized relocation policy that eases the transition for your employees and contains the costs of managing the mobility of your employees around the country.

Information to Help Your Relocation Program

  • Client consultation and research related to current relocation issues and trends.

  • Policy reviews including observations, comparisons and comments based upon knowledge of North American policy standards, trends and best practices.

  • Benchmarking and analysis to determine competitiveness and effectiveness of your current policies and programs.

  • Customized policy and/or program recommendations based on an assessment of your current business strategy and employee deployment objectives.

  • Interviews and Focus Groups to help identify what issues and concerns are most important to your employees and to provide insight that will help you make informed decisions during the policy planning and implementation stage.

  • Merger and Acquisition Program Comparison Analysis to reconcile your policy, program, and/or practices against those of an identified merged, acquired, or subsidiary company.

  • Policy and Program Development targeting the full range of your potential needs from permanent intra-country and cross border transfers to project assignments, temporary assignments, commuters, interns, and college recruits- all based on an assessment of your business strategy and employee deployment objectives.

  • Financial Analysis of policy performance and/or the impact of implemented or proposed revisions to your policy, program and/or practices.

  • Thought leadership including articles, presentations and white papers.