Compensation Administration

Manages the various components of compensation and administration, including working with your designated cost-of-living (COLA) supplier and tax-service provider to give cost-of-living, housing, and hypothetical tax data to employees.

Ongoing Assignment Management

Gives ongoing assignment support to your relocating employees through a single point-of-coordination for the length of the assignment. This support includes (but is not limited to) maintaining health benefits, job codes and billing information, assignment-related allowances, and immigration status.

Policy Counseling

Provides employees with a clear understanding of the relocation process, including what their roles are and what is covered under their specific program and policy.

Program Management

Provides a comprehensive management package for administering every program and policy component for the company and the relocating employee. This assures a greater opportunity for successful assignments, and gives assignees and their families a dedicated, customer-focused advocate throughout the process.

Spouse/Partner Assistance

Helps secure success for any relocation or assignment by providing all-inclusive services. The scope of services includes domestic pre-decision assistance, domestic and global spouse employment assistance, global pre-decision and pre-departure support, career continuation assistance, and domestic outplacement aid.

Visa/Immigration Services

Guides employees through the process of applying for visa or work papers for their global assignment. This effectively expedites the process and gets employees to the new location without hassle, while reducing paperwork and administrative challenges.

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