Candidate Assessment

The Overseas Assignment Inventory (OAI), our statistically valid, proprietary cultural assessment tool, can be used in the candidate-selection process and to assess potential candidates for international assignments.

Global Consulting

Global Consulting provides a wide range of mobility-related products and services to help companies through the process of developing a leading-edge domestic and/or international policy and program to include: producing white papers/topic reports, conducting benchmarking studies, facilitating client roundtables; conducting employee/manager surveys for organizations; writing articles for periodicals; and speaking at industry events.

Business Training

Business Training programs build your employees' competencies so employees can work effectively in diverse global business environments.  Services include: country-specific business training, global awareness programs, global leadership development, and multicultural/virtual team building.

Group Move Consulting

Guides your company through a merger, consolidation or other business initiatives that require a group move. Our advice and guidance provides turnkey management of any group move situation with tailored solutions to meet your needs. Learn More>>

Intercultural Training

Intercultural training focuses on information about the culture and business environment of the host location as well as building your employees' and/or their families' skills for applying this knowledge to the development of successful social and business relationships and everyday life situations.

Language Training

Language training equips relocating employees and families for living and working in their host country by training them in the local language and business vernacular. We offer customized, personal training programs in over 18 languages.

Policy Consulting

Policy consulting assists in keeping your business competitive while minimizing costs and increasing employee satisfaction. This is accomplished by helping you design and develop domestic and/or international assignment management programs and policies.

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