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Financial Guidance for Your Future – Even When It Shifts

LINK by Prudential is a personalized experience that learns about what's important to you and connects you with solutions and financial professionals to help you achieve your goals - no matter what changes come your way. LINK is flexible, giving you guidance throughout your financial journey. It rebalances, just as life does.


Go Beyond Investing

Deciding what to do with your money isn’t easy, with all the priorities and responsibilities you have. We get it. That’s why, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, we offer more than just investing. We see connections across your financial life that some others may not. With LINK by Prudential, you can easily and securely sync your Prudential and non-Prudential accounts to see your big financial picture. And we’ll help you track your progress toward achieving your goals. 


What if something were to happen to you ­– would your family be taken care of financially? A LINK financial representative can help you safeguard the future of loved ones who define your world.

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If retirement is around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to count on income, like the kind that can come from an annuity?

A LINK financial representative can help you understand your income options.

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Whether you’re building an emergency fund for a rainy day, investing for retirement, college or other goals unique to you, a Prudential Managed Account can help your money work smarter. Our professionally managed portfolios are built for where you want to go, take into account what you’ve already done, and respect the risks you don’t want to take. And they come with knowledgeable financial advisors ready to answer your questions, big or basic.

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We’re Here for You – Phone, Video, Online, in Person

Setting off on a financial journey can lead to mixed emotions: hope and excitement, but also uncertainty about how complex and time-consuming managing your money can be. It doesn’t have to feel like calculus class. We’ve designed LINK by Prudential with that in mind - to provide a customized financial roadmap, and to do it in an easy-to-use way.

But sometimes you may have some hard questions about where or how to get there. No problem. LINK by Prudential is supported by a team of knowledgeable financial professionals. You can connect with our team members by phone, video or even in person.


Born From a Legacy People Rely on

With its accessibility and innovation, LINK by Prudential takes a modern approach to helping you plan your financial future. But we're born from more than 140 years of Prudential helping people achieve their financial goals. That's the kind of history families have counted on. 



No one knows exactly what life has in store, but you can picture the milestones you’d like to achieve. Having a knowledgeable partner to help guide you can make the unknowns a lot less fuzzy. And those happy moments a reality. And LINK by Prudential is that devoted guide. Ready to see where your future leads?

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