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Are You Ready to Buy? 9 Things to Know Before You Purchase

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If the Life Insurance Policy You’re Considering Were a Car Would You Be Ready to Buy It?

Before you buy a vehicle, you narrow down your choices to the best type of vehicle for how you’ll use it (for hauling, highway driving, or city driving). Then, with your budget in mind, you choose the size, make, model, and package with the specific features and extras you want. You likely also have a good idea of how to operate and maintain it.

Buying life insurance isn’t all that different. Before you buy a life insurance policy, you need to know the reason for it and the “make, model, and package” you want, plus the features and extras you’d like.

Are you ready to drive a policy off the lot? Here’s a checklist along with some resources and tools to help make sure you’re ready.  

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Before Buying, Be Sure You Know


  1. Why You’re Getting It

    Life insurance protection can help you throughout your lifetime. It can replace lost income when you die, be a source of supplemental income during retirement, help you out financially if you become chronically ill, or allow you to leave a legacy to family or the charity of your choice.

    Review your needs

  2. How Much You Need

    The amount you need depends on many factors, including your income and assets and what you need the insurance for.

    Estimate your needs

  3. Whether You Need Term or Permanent Insurance or a Combination

    Term insurance is ideal for some needs, and permanent insurance is better for others. A combination of the two may help you meet all your needs while respecting your budget.

    Here’s an overview

  4. Which Policy Is Right For You

    Beyond whether you need term or permanent insurance is the array of specific policies available. Permanent insurance comes in many versions; some of which can build up cash value to provide you with flexibility.

    Learn about your choices

  5. How Much It Costs

    The amount of insurance you want, the type of policy you choose, and factors such as your gender, age, health, hobbies, and family history all play a role in determining the price. Make sure the cost of the policy you get fits into your budget.

    Get a quote

  6. Any Custom Features You’d Like

    You can choose additional benefits, called riders, to help address specific concerns like providing insurance for your children or about a future chronic or terminal illness.

    Learn about the choices

  7. The Strength of the Company Issuing the Policy

    A policy is only as good as the company behind it. Make sure the one issuing your policy is strong so it will be here to make good on its promise.

    Take a look at Prudential’s strength

  8. How You Want to Buy

    You have three ways to purchase a policy—on the phone at 844-803-6941, through a financial professional, or online.

    Buy a policy online today

  9. Leaving a Financial Legacy

    When is the right time to have that conversation? Discuss your estate plans with your loved ones sooner rather than later.

    Learn about legacies

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