A Total Market Approach for Financial Professionals

Building diverse market considerations into your business plan has the potential to significantly expand your impact in protection, retirement and investment products and services. Why? Diverse consumers are the emerging force in the U.S. today, a trend set in motion by explosive population growth and expanded buying power in the multi-trillion-dollar range.

Prudential's Total Market Strategy leverages key findings and cross-cultural insights to focus on financial decision-making trends for all diverse markets. These findings tell us that the most dynamic and fastest growing segments of the U.S. consumer economy include Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans as well as Women, LGBTQ and Millennial segments.

Understanding what motivates and influences specific segments is the first step to establishing success in the marketplace. On the surface, each segment may seem homogeneous, but holding on to that misconception may cost your business. The key is to gain a better understanding of how to engage these consumers to help provide financial solutions.

Prudential's extensive proprietary research, as well as other industry-wide studies, can help you better understand the attitudes, motivators and cultural distinctions that impact financial behavior. To provide business-growth-focused guidance to Financial Professionals and other members of our financial strategy teams, we have compiled this research into one signature paper – "A Total Market Approach: Opportunities to Expand Your Business with Diverse Customers."

Please take the time to read this compelling data. There is no time like the present to ensure your business is well-positioned for continued growth as our nation and, by extension, our workforce, grows increasingly more diverse.

Opportunities to Expand your Business with Diverse Customers
2017 Prudential Research