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How Marriage Impacts Gig Workers’ Financial Wellness

Independent, or “gig,” workers, have become an integral part of the U.S. workforce. Individuals choose gig work because of its greater flexibility, work/life balance, and the chance to be their own boss; yet they face inconsistent pay, a lack of access to benefits, and less money on average.

Marital status not only influences why people use gig work, but also has significant implications for gig workers’ financial wellness, according to an analysis of Prudential’s Gig Worker On-Demand Economy survey. While married gig workers are more likely to have multiple sources of household income and access to a spouse’s employer-sponsored benefits, single gig workers are more likely to be struggling financially. That’s because they’re less likely to benefit from shared household costs, additional sources of household income, and Social Security spousal benefits.

Workers who say they are struggling financially.

Gig workers, financial advisors, employers and policymakers can all play a role in helping gig workers improve their financial security.


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