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The State of Financial Wellness in America

Findings from Employee Self-Assessments Research1 by Prudential sheds new light on how employees at a national level view their own financial wellness. An alarming 57% of employees are very or somewhat stressed about their financial situation.

Employees who are very or somewhat stressed about their financial situation - 57%

Top reasons for financial stress*

  • Saving for the future – 67%
  • Paying monthly bills – 57%
  • Credit card debt – 42%

*Among respondents who are very or somewhat stressed. Respondents could select more than one reason.

This report highlights:

  • The state of financial wellness in the U.S.
  • How employees assess their behaviors when it comes to managing day-to-day finances, achieving important financial goals, and protecting against key financial risks
  • What employers can do to help employees improve their financial wellness.

To see the summary of Prudential’s research, download The State of Financial Wellness in America.



1 Prudential, 2017 Financial Wellness Study. Based on a survey of full-time employees who have medical insurance.