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How an Aging Workforce Is Helping Itself Stay Productive

Baby boomers are staying in the workforce longer than prior generations. But working longer also raises their risk of experiencing short- and long-term disabilities. Prudential’s study examines how older workers are making modifications to adjust to physical and cognitive changes and remain productive until retirement.

It makes sense for employers to help boomers in their efforts to self-modify at work. Employees over 50 experience disabilities at rates double that of younger generations and take longer to recover.1 And some may bridge their retirement with a disability, resulting in substantial expense for employers. Disability costs employers 8% to 15% of payroll to date, and those costs are expected to rise as the population continues to age.2

This paper offers cost-effective ways that employers can support workers who want to self-modify and bridge the gap to retirement in a healthy manner.

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The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) Newark, NJ


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