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 Follow these steps to customize your Homepage


Go to  and click on the Login link on the lower right

Enter your network (sometimes referred to as FOCUS or RACF) ID and password. The next screen you see will be your Homepage. 


Click on the "Edit my HP" button at the top of the page - you will see buttons appear down the left-hand side of the screen.   You should work through the first 4 buttons in the list as you work through the sections of your Homepage.  - Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished with a section - your screen will blank out for a few seconds.



The "Update/ Edit Personal Information" section shows your Personal URL, Designations, Office location and Contact information - make sure the information is correct. You may also upload your photo in this section.  Please add your extension in the applicable box. Click Save when done.

DO NOT add designations after your name even if they do not already show up on your Homepage or you will get duplicates because that info gets populated automatically once it updated in Agency Data Base (ADB).



The "Edit Welcome Message" section:  Click on Male or Female.   Choose your preferred Welcome message from the dropdown list (click on the down arrow to see the list of options) and click Save



Note that the "Create / Modify Profile" section has 3 parts, Professional, Education and Personal.  Buttons for these sub-sections are in the Profile page. Most people opt for the Bullet list option, which gives the most flexibility.



The "Add Additional Spoken Languages" section:  Click on the additional language(s) you speak and click Save.



Click the "Change Newsletter" section:  Choose to have the default version or pick a specific Newsletter tailored to your business from the dropdown options and click Save.   The default version will change every three months.



The “Edit / Select Homepage Links” section allows you to add the Dow Jones MarketWatch Index chart, links to Prudential’s Products and Services Overview and Tools and Calculators, and the ability to add Personal links to your webpage. To do this, simply check the box next to “Add Personal Links” and type the name of the link in the Text box and enter the URL(s) of the desired site(s) in the right hand input boxes. Make sure that you save your changes before moving on to another section.


Final Step

Click the "Submit / Publish " button at the bottom of the screen when you have completed your changes.  If you like what you see, click on the Submit button at the top of the Preview screen to send it to your MD or OCM for approval.  Once approved, your page will be published on  


Trouble shooting and common questions:

You should familiarize yourself with your page before making changes. Your contact information, designations and licensing are pulled directly from Agency Data Base (ADB). To make changes to this information you will need to work back through your office and O&C staff to make changes in ADB.
Variable Licenses can only be shown if the producer is in a registered office.


Prudential only registers the main Agency offices (not detached) with the NASD, typically where the MD is based. It is not related to the presence of a registered principal (although we will have one there).


Agents cannot mention variable life, annuities or mutual funds or their variable licenses in the profile section unless they are in the main Agency.

Many people question what to put in the Personal Profile section of their Homepage.

Popular topics include family, how long you've been in the area, your hobbies, local organizations and charitable work. Basically, include topics you feel will help attract people you would want to do business with


For questions about using the Producer Homepage SetUP Tool, call (888) 743- 7111 (Option 3) or email us at


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