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Standard User  Standard User  Peter Sullivan  PSullivan  56  Introduction to Gift and Estate Taxation  Non-Curriculum  08-27-1956  08-15-05  N/A  001045242  01-31-06  CT  PSullivan  Not Completed  94  06-20-05  Peter  Sullivan  171 Dwight Road  Longmeadow  MA  01106  866-229-0296  Active 
Standard User  Standard User  tina montoya  tmmontoya  Wealth Accumulation Planning (Ins-50q)  Non-Curriculum  08-08-05  N/A  0D70698  01-01-00  CA  tmmontoya  Not Completed  60  10-18-04  tina  montoya  19191 s vermont ave #170  torrance  CA  90502  Active 
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