The Value of All You Do

If something were to suddenly happen to you, your family might have to hire others to take on some of your daily activities. You'd be surprised at how all you do adds up!
  • To see just how much, estimate the number of hours per week that you spend on each of the activities below.

  • The final cost will then be part of the calculation of how much life insurance you need. Even if you earn no income, insurers generally allow you to get as much life insurance as your working spouse has.

  • To get a full picture of your insurance needs, be sure to look at your spouse's life insurance coverage, too.
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Life Insurance Needs Estimator The Value of All You Do

1. Select the number of years you expect to provide child-related and other services.
2. Make further adjustments based on your situation. The default numbers for hours per week and hourly rate are based on national averages.
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Services Hours
per Week
Hourly Rate1 Estimated
Weekly Cost
of Years
Estimated Total Cost
Child-Related Services Select expected number of years:  
Child Care  Click to learn more
Driving Family Members  Click to learn more
Tutoring / Home Schooling  Click to learn more
Other Services Select expected number of years:  
Housekeeping / Home Mgmt.  Click to learn more
Food Preparation  Click to learn more
Bookkeeping  Click to learn more
Yard Care & Maintenance  Click to learn more
Home Maintenance & Repair  Click to learn more
Care of Parent/Relative  Click to learn more
  Click to learn more
  Click to learn more
Total Estimated Costs
This is how much life insurance you would need to cover these services2   
For a more comprehensive view of your life insurance needs, complete Prudential's Life Insurance Needs Estimator.

We also suggest that you contact one of our licensed financial professionals to help you determine the life insurance product that is appropriate for your needs.
1 Based on current market rate averages.
2 Inflation is assumed to be % and life insurance proceeds are invested to earn % after tax. The earnings on the life insurance proceeds plus spending down the life insurance proceeds will be used to cover these expenses over the expected period. The return is purely hypothetical and is used for illustrative purposes only. Performance results are not indicative of any particular investment. Actual results and investment risks will vary.
Life insurance is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, NJ, and its affiliates, all Prudential Financial companies. Our life insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions in benefits and terms for keeping them in force. Your licensed financial professional can provide you with costs and complete details.

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