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Additional Important Information about the Products, Services and Companies that make them available

Retirement products and services are provided by Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company, Hartford, CT, or its affiliates.

Prudential LINK financial representatives currently offer only insurance products issued by PICA and its affiliates (“Prudential companies”). It is generally more profitable to Prudential if you purchase insurance products that are issued by a Prudential company than a non-Prudential company.

Prudential LINK financial representatives are licensed insurance agents and appointed to represent PICA and its affiliated insurers and are registered representatives of Pruco.

The results generated by PICA’s life insurance estimator tools are based upon certain assumptions regarding interest rates and rates of inflation, among other relevant factors. They are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only, may vary over time, and may not necessarily reflect your actual situation or needs. Results derived from PICA’s life insurance estimator tools also may vary depending on the tool being utilized, assumptions and information provided, should not be interpreted as a recommendation or as fiduciary advice by PICA, or any of its affiliates and are not an offer to sell life insurance.

Entry of your information, use of the tools and any results derived from the tools do not guarantee your eligibility for any type or amount of life insurance. PICA does not guarantee the accuracy of any calculation-results scenarios. In applying the information provided on this website, you should consider your other assets, income, and investments such as the equity in your home, Social Security benefits, savings accounts and other plans that may provide protection to your loved ones in the event of your death. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, you should be sure to confirm with a licensed insurance agent or financial representative that the information provided by the tools is consistent with your specific insurance needs and your current situation.

Some content is provided by companies that are not affiliated with PICA or any of its affiliates (“Third Party Content”). Such Third Party Content is prominently and clearly identified and may include general information and education commentary, interactive tools and data concerning financial markets or other subjects. Third Party Content providers include, but are not limited to, Zillow.

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Pruco Life Insurance Company, an Arizona company - California COA # 3637. The Prudential Insurance Company of America - California COA # 1179. Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company - California COA # 08003. The Prudential Life Insurance Company of America Newark, NJ.


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