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In general, Prudential uses the following goods and services.  While it is likely that we are currently under contract for these goods and services, we encourage qualified vendors to make us aware of your firm’s capabilities by registering with us.

Registration is not a guarantee of business, nor does it imply the existence of a current or future vendor relationship with Prudential. The actual award of contracts is a competitive process and any business your company does with Prudential will be subject to separate terms and conditions to be negotiated between us.

  • Advertising and Marketing - including agency, design, digital, media, photographic and video services, and promotional items

  • HR Benefits and HR Services - including training, recruiting and relocation

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) - Including outsourcing of key business processes

  • Contingent Labor - temporary staffing including seasonal, payrolling and independent contractors

  • Corporate Services - including audit, office services (food/mail), office supplies and documents/records management

  • Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Services - including cleaning services, construction services, furniture, repairs and maintenance, and security services

  • IT Products and Services - including technology hardware and software, software licenses, maintenance application development, telecommunications, data center operations, infrastructure support and training

  • Information Services and Market Data Services

  • Legal Services

  • Medical Services - including medical specimen retrieval and medical records

  • Print - including financial, transactional and non-transactional print, print services and stationery

  • Professional Services - including management consulting, public relations,  translation services, financial services

  • TPA Services - including claims administration and eligibility services

  • Travel Services - including travel agency services, air and rail, hotels, rental car, airport parking, ground transportation, meals and entertainment, corporate card

  • Conference and Meeting Services - including meeting space, sleeping rooms, food & beverage, off property venues, entertainment, decor, ground transportation, audio-visual support

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