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Prudential is moving to new data centers

We are embarking on a significant technology journey to new, state-of-the-art data centers in the U.S. which will enhance the services that Prudential Global Technology provides to our customers.

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Our goal is to accelerate our modernization efforts, which will allow us to operate more effectively in meeting Prudential’s technological needs, both now and in the future. This site informs our business and technology partners on the latest updates on the Data Center Optimization (DCO) program, the timeline and impacts from this initiative.


Prudential Data Center Migration Timeline

The data center migration effort began in early 2021 and will complete in 2023.


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Chart of the Prudential Data Center migration into 2023

  • Q2-Q4 2021: Prudential builds core infrastructure in new data centers.
  • Q3 2021: Data Center migration event begins with Mainframe. No impact to third parties.
  • Q1 2022: New internet head ends implemented in new data centers.
  • Q1-Q4 2022: Extranet migrations to new data centers.
  • Q3 2022: Manage File Transfer implemented in new data centers.
  • Q2 2023: Data Center migration is complete.
  • Q2 2023: Prudential's legacy data centers are shut down.



The new data centers will affect incoming and outgoing file transfers, will require new IP addresses for all Prudential servers, and require new extranet connections between Prudential and our third parties. Due to the nature of these updates, it may require technical changes for our external clients and vendors as follows:


Managed File Transfer

Prudential’s Managed File Transfer facility will move to the new data centers in 2022. The Managed File Transfer (MFT) team and Prudential’s businesses will engage third-party partners to prepare for and test the new MFT services.


Firewalls and Whitelists for new IP addresses

Prudential will establish new internet head ends in the data centers and all Prudential servers will have new IP addresses. Prudential will communicate the details of these changes to internal businesses.

  • Firewall Rules - External clients and vendors’ firewalls must be updated to allow traffic to and from the new Prudential data centers.

  • Whitelists – External clients and vendors that restrict Prudential’s access to their internet applications or infrastructure based on IP address are asked to add these new IP addresses to their whitelists.


Extranet Connections

Prudential’s Global Technology team will work with our business partners and their external vendors/clients to plan migrations for all Business-to-Business (B2B) connectivity including Prudential owned and vendor managed B2B’s currently connecting in our legacy data centers. The Extranet team and Prudential’s businesses will engage third-party partners to prepare for and test:

  • New network connectivity to our new co-locations

  • New Prudential routed address ranges and firewall policies

  • Cutovers prior to network connection migrations


Business Continuity Configuration

Any changes that are made to your primary configuration must also be applied to your contingency setup.


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This is not an exhaustive list of impacts but provides an idea of the types of technology configurations that must be addressed. Your specific actions are determined by your environment and your transactions/connections with Prudential.

Given the nature and extent of these changes, you should plan for an extensive amount of testing for this initiative and know that the Prudential team will be there to support you during your transition.

Prudential will communicate additional details as they become available. To ensure that you receive these communications, please make sure that your Prudential contact (business or technical) has accurate email addresses for the members of your technical team who are responsible for Managed File Transfer, Firewall/Whitelists, and B2B connectivity.

For any questions, please contact the Data Center Optimization team.


Updated as of November 17, 2021

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