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Retirement Income Redzone Worksheet

Jul 15, 2020 5 min read


How much money will you need?

If you’ve recently retired or started thinking about retiring, you’re in what Prudential calls The Retirement Red Zone, when having a strategy for turning your savings into a lifetime of income becomes more important. Work with your financial professional to complete this worksheet as a first step in planning for your future. It can help you define your retirement goals, establish a budget, and identify your desired lifestyle in retirement.


Covering your essential expenses

In retirement, you’ll have essential and discretionary expenses. Essential expenses are your basic needs (housing, food, healthcare), and discretionary expenses are the fun things that you dream of doing in retirement.

Estimating your future essential expenses and making sure you can afford them is critical for your future. That’s why using guaranteed sources of income to pay your essential expenses can help ensure that your necessary needs are covered. And identifying any income gaps now may make it easier to help you plan for a more secure future.


Sources of guaranteed income

Essential expenses:

  • Pension
  • Social Security
  • Annuities

Discretionary expenses:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks/Bonds
  • 401(k)
  • IRAs


Calculate your essential expenses and income

Remember to consider your spouse or your partner in your calculations.

Step 1

– Identify and estimate monthly essential expenses

  • Loans (mortgage, auto, college): $ Amount to be filled
  • Utilities (electric, gas, water, cable, phone): $ Amount to be filled
  • Healthcare (prescriptions, physician, co-pays): $ Amount to be filled
  • Food: $ Amount to be filled
  • Taxes (home, auto): $ Amount to be filled
  • Insurance (auto, home life): $ Amount to be filled
  • Other: $ Amount to be filled

Total estimated essential expenses: $ Amount to be filled


Step 2

– Identify and estimate monthly guaranteed income sources

  • Social Security (visit ssa.gov for income estimate): $ Amount to be filled
  • Pension: $ Amount to be filled
  • Employment: $ Amount to be filled
  • Annuity: $ Amount to be filled
  • Other: $ Amount to be filled

Total estimated guaranteed income: $ Amount to be filled


Step 3

– Identify your income gap/surplus

  • Subtract the total of Step 2 from the total of Step 1: $ Amount to be filled


Do you have a retirement income gap to fill?

Talk with your financial professional today to discover how guaranteed lifetime income from Prudential can help you have a more secure retirement.


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