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Pioneering Workplace Financial Wellness

May 07, 2018

Key Takeaways

  • The success of a company is based on a healthy and productive workforce.
  • Motivated by its own learnings, Prudential advises employers on financial wellness solutions.
  • Keeping employees financially fit is a continual cycle of measuring and refining program offerings.


It’s no secret that workers are shouldering more responsibility and risk for their healthcare and retirement expenses. Coupled with higher costs for buying a home and paying for college, many are stretched to the limit financially—with negative consequences not just for them but also the companies that employ them. One recent survey found that 57 percent of U.S. workers are very or somewhat stressed about their financial situation.1

Employers are starting to pay attention. Building on the success of health and wellness programs that help employees improve their physical wellness, increasing numbers of employers are looking to implement programs that help employees improve their financial lives, too.

Prudential has been an early pioneer in this field, and over time has made meaningful progress in addressing and reducing financial stress among its employees. Encouraged by these results, it is now making financial wellness solutions available to other companies.

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1 Prudential, “The State of Financial Wellness in America,” 2017.


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