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The Longevity Connection: Prudential's Perspective on the Stanford Sightlines Project

Jun 02, 2019

Key Takeaways

  • Financial security, healthy living, and social engagement are keys to living a successful long life.
  • These three domains are interdependent - a boost in one domain may help boost the other two.
  • Individuals should take a holistic view towards the financial, health, and social aspects of their lives.


Over the last century, the life span of the average American has increased by nearly 30 years.1 This remarkable progress presents both opportunities and challenges, as individuals seek to be happy, healthy, and financially secure over the course of a longer lifetime.

The Stanford Center on Longevity initiated The Sightlines Project, in which research was conducted on three domains – financial security, healthy living, and social engagement – that are key to a successful long life. Prudential provides perspectives on the interdependencies of these three domains, and how an improvement in even one domain can help Americans live longer, healthier lives.

The Sightlines Project was sponsored in part by Prudential.


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For more on the interconnectivity of these three domains, read The Longevity Connection: Prudential’s Perspective on the Stanford Sightlines Project  

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1Center for Disease Control, “National Vital Statistics Reports: United States Life Tables, 2011,” Table 19, 2015.


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