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Create Personalized Financial Wellness Experiences

Jan 22, 2020

Key Takeaways

  • Amid everyday distractions, many individuals do not prioritize planning for their financial future.
  • Employers can apply lessons learned from the success of personalized health and fitness platforms.
  • Financial wellness programs that deliver personalized, creative experiences can motivate employees.


Americans have become accustomed to having products and services tailored to their needs – from fitness apps to remind them of their goals and prompt them to follow through on them, to streaming services that anticipate their viewing preferences. In a similar way, employers can offer personalized financial wellness programs that engage employees and motivate them to improve their financial health.


Chart showing five ways to motivate employees to improve their financial wellness.
Five Ways to Motivate Employees to Improve Their Financial Wellness

1. Personalize content and delivery for employees
2. Engage individuals around milestone life events
3. Use creative approaches to visualize concepts
4. Engage employees via multiple channels
5. Showcase support by senior leadership


Employers can use several methods to engage employees. Employers can leverage data they may already have on hand about their employees to create financial wellness programs that deliver personalized customer experiences. And, by engaging individuals around milestone life events such as buying a home, getting married or divorced, or having a child, financial wellness programs can be timely and relevant. Taking a personalized and creative approach to program development and making the programs available on multiple platforms can help connect with employees in a way that’s relevant for them. Finally, demonstrating strong support for financial wellness programs from senior management may drive higher levels of engagement.


FOURTH IN A SERIES: Five Keys to Implementing a Great Financial Wellness Program

1.Reflect wellness in human capital strategy
2. Analyze employee demographics to understand needs
3. Design programs to optimize outcomes
4. Create personalized experiences that engage and motivate action
5. Align metrics with business outcomes

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