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Employer Insights from Prudential’s Disability Claims Analysis

Nov 15, 2021

Key Takeaways

  • A recent study found that 23% of COVID-19 patients exhibited at least one long-term symptom.
  • Prudential’s experts analyzed claim data to determine what else can be done to support employees with Long COVID.
  • Employers can help support employees returning to work by listening, empathizing, and implementing feedback.


A recent study of almost 2 million COVID-19 patients found that 23% exhibited at least one long-term symptom. Post-COVID complications and conditions varied in terms of severity but of those hospitalized, 50% have long-term symptoms; of those symptomatic but not hospitalized, 27.5% exhibited long-term symptoms; and of those who were asymptomatic, 19% had a long-term health consequence.1


Infographic of study of 2 million COVID patients: 23% had one long-term symptom, 50% had long-term symptoms, 27.5% symptomatic had long-term symptoms, 19% asymptomatic had a long-term health consequence.


While Prudential’s priority is to ensure that employees, especially those with COVID-19, receive the financial protection of their disability benefits quickly, our experts drilled into our claim data to determine what else can be done to support employees whose post-acute symptoms lasted for four weeks or longer, often called Long COVID.

Through an analysis of Short Term Disability Insurance claims, Prudential’s claim management professionals uncovered consistent health consequences related to COVID that could be challenging for the foreseeable future. Some health consequences included brain fog, fatigue, and memory lapses.

Fortunately, the disability insurance industry is in a unique position to effectively help employees and employers preserve productivity and return to work. For example, employers can show empathy to employees, modify jobs, or offer vocational rehabilitation. In the end, though, communication is important to determining employee challenges and practical options to help them feel confident about staying or returning to work.


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To learn more, read Strategies to Help Overcome Long-Term COVID-19’s Impact on Productivity: Employer Insights from Prudential’s Disability Claims Analysis  PDF Opens in a new window.



  • 1 A Detailed Study of Patients with Long-Haul COVID, A FAIR Health White Paper, June 15, 2021.


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