Planning for College and Retirement

Experiencing financial wellness means being able to do both, without one coming at the expense of the other.


Plan for Their Future, and Yours.

The cost of a public college is projected to be more than $200,000 in 18 years.* So it’s no surprise that many parents are putting off their retirement to plan for their children’s education.

How can Americans experience financial wellness by balancing two of life’s biggest challenges? We got a unique perspective when we visited Jacksonville, North Carolina—the town with the highest birthrate in the U.S.

*College Board Trends in College Pricing, 2017

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Tips to Help You Plan for College and Retirement

Create a Balanced Plan

It’s never a good idea to treat your retirement account like a college fund. We’ll help you create a personalized roadmap to balance these two important goals.

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Know Your Funding Options

Did you know that family and friends can contribute up to $14,000 per year per child to a 529 plan? We’ll help you explore other options you may not have considered.

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Estimate Your Income Needs

Can you save enough money to afford the retirement you dream about? Peek into the future with our retirement lifestyle calculator.

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