Getting Started on a Path to Financial Wellness

More women than ever are making financial decisions for their households. Many are feeling the weight of the responsibility.


Balancing Today, Planning for Tomorrow.

Today, 3 out of 5 women are in charge of their family’s finances.* And a growing number are the sole or primary breadwinner. But for many women, experiencing financial wellness means figuring out how to manage for today while also planning for tomorrow.

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*Prudentials Financial Wellness Census, 2018

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Set a Budget

Aim to spend no more than 50% of your monthly income on “must-haves” like housing, food, and utilities. Try this tool to see how your budget measures up.

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Protect Those Who Matter Most

Life’s full of uncertainty. But life insurance can provide the security your loved ones need, if anything should ever happen to you. Explore your options and find out how to estimate coverage needs.

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Prepare for the Costs of Care

Providing chronic illness care for a loved one can take a toll—both financially and emotionally. Discover solutions and resources to help make transitioning to your role easier.

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