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Continuing Education

Join us for the Real Advantage Continuing Education (CE) series, a respected source for insights and perspectives on emerging trends and issues affecting our industry. Our courses are fast-paced, interactive, accredited, and free. And, they’re taught by state-certified educators.

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Available classes

You can sign up for courses to help you:

  • Meet your insurance license requirements
  • Boost your professional knowledge
  • Listen to our thought leadership
  • Experience fast-paced, interactive training
  • Advance your career
  • Strengthen customer relationships

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Accident Insurance

Explore the role Accident Insurance plays in covering the financial gaps that can occur in the event of a covered accidental loss. Understand the impact and the fundamentals as well as information you’ll need to know to underwrite and administer a plan.

Critical Illness Insurance

This course ties in the need for Critical Illness insurance as a means to enhance overall financial wellness. Learn how Critical Illness insurance helps to fill financial gaps, the product features and benefits, underwriting basics, and effective technology and administration strategies to make the process of purchasing Critical Illness insurance easier for producers, employers and employees.

Ethics: Do the Right Thing

Understand the Four Basic Rights of Consumers and the American College's Eight Canons of Ethical Behavior. Gain a thorough understanding of ethics—not just as it applies to the insurance industry, but to life in general. Experience insightful discussions about professional insurance standards, regulatory guidance, and your responsibilities to the public.

FMLA 101

Learn how the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) impacts absence management. Get clarity around common misconceptions. And, understand the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, as well as the differences between FMLA administration and disability claim management.

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Group Benefits Product Training

Learn the core elements of term life, AD&D, and disability insurance. Explore ways to consult with customers on how life, AD&D, and disability insurance fit into the total employee benefits package. And, discover how to position key product features from the customer's perspective.

Group Benefits Underwriting

Understand the basics of underwriting group insurance policies and the critical requirements of the quote process. Learn how to divide a rate into its component parts and conduct a simple rate calculation. Determine when to use experience and how it is evaluated, and the impact of having a submission with missing data elements.

Group Disability 101

Test your understanding of disability insurance. Learn the basics of long-term and short-term disability, including contract provisions. Understand the facts versus misconceptions around this type of coverage. And, examine the incidence and impact of disability.

Group Life Insurance Basics

Examine the fundamentals of underwriting, funding mechanisms, and product features. Gain insight into industry trends. And, discover how technology makes the process easier for employers, employees, and carriers.

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Group Long-Term Disability Underwriting and Experience Analysis

Discover what makes a profitable group disability insurance sale. Explore how economic factors affect long-term disability experience and how to assess risk. And, understand the positives and negatives of the plan design and the information required to evaluate experience and calculate reserves.

Key Influencers on Absence & Productivity: Disability Contract, Disability Carrier, and Employer Culture

Understand why managing employees through disability absences and return to work does not have to be a challenge. Gain an overview of the costs and consequences of disability absences. Explore the critical role employers, managers, and disability insurance carriers play in helping employees return to work. And, learn best practices that can help balance the long-term good of employees with the goals of the work team and the company.

State-Mandated Disability

Learn the general characteristics of state-mandated disability coverage and discuss how these plans differ from short-term disability plans. Gain knowledge about the plans in six state jurisdictions— California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island. And, discover employer compliance responsibilities in each jurisdiction, private plan options and administration.

Employer Research on Private Exchanges

This course will provide the findings from the Study of Employee Benefits: Today & Beyond, Employer Research on Private Exchanges. This presentation examines key topics and trends for employers when it comes to their understanding and experience of employee benefits in the exchange environment. Information included will be from benefits decision makers in firms with more than 100 employees.

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Introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

This course provides an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), focusing on how these regulatory laws impact employers. Understand how the ADA and ADAAA define disability, employers’ obligations to provide reasonable workplace accommodations, and the interactive process. Also learn what ADA challenges employers face and how outsourcing can help address these challenges.

Ninth Study of Employee Benefits: Today & Beyond

Learn the major findings mined from the Ninth Study of Employee Benefits: Today & Beyond. This course examines the following five topics, identifying key trends within each area: broker and employer benefits strategies, return-to-work strategies, voluntary benefits, employee financial wellness, and communications and enrollment.

Data collected from brokers, employers, and employees examine current trends, what has proven to be successful, and where opportunities lie in regards to employee benefits.

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