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6 Steps to Expand Your Business with Your Current Clients

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Your book of business has great potential to be exponentially bigger. There’s evidence that the more products you sell clients, the longer they will stay with you. It also takes much less effort to sell an existing client another product that meets his or her additional needs than it took to make the initial sale. The overarching message here is to dig, evaluate, and sell … in other words, mine it!


Take 6 Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Book.

  1. Identify opportunities with new and current customers
  2. Identify clients with potential needs and planning gaps
  3. Contact the client or prospect
  4. Have the initial meeting
  5. Present solutions
  6. Follow up


Step 1: Identify Opportunities

Find new potential sales with existing customers.

Review your current book of business and look for:

  • Life event changes — marriage, babies, new home, new job, etc.
  • Signs that identify gaps in coverage — no record of life insurance, no record of a trust, no record of long-term care or chronic care plan, etc.

Prioritize who you’ve identified according to the probability of success.

Consider what appropriate products might work to address their needs. Use the Client Profiler to assist you in matching concerns to solutions.
Build on the trust they have in you. You should be able to gather solid referrals from your existing client base—particularly family members and friends.



Step 2: Identify Clients with Potential Insurance Needs and Planning Gaps

Zero in on clients who offer potential sales opportunities. Identify clients who are in key target market opportunities for additional coverage or new life insurance policies. Here are a few examples to help you get started: 

Target Market Opportunity: Client is 35 to 45 years old and has not set up a trust, or trust has not been reviewed on a timely basis.

Solution/Benefits: Having a trust in place can help clients avoid unnecessary estate taxes and document decisions involving estate plans such as guardianship, beneficiaries, trustees, etc. Learning how to properly fund a trust can mean the difference between a trust that will be there for client's beneficiaries, and one that is inadequate.

Target Market Opportunity: Clients with policies over 10 years old with an age range between 55 and 75 years old who have life insurance needs that may have changed.

Solution/Benefits: A new policy may still be affordable (provided health hasn’t significantly changed) and may offer new features and benefits.

Target Market Opportunity: Clients with existing coverage that is less than 10 times their annual income and may not be the appropriate type of insurance for their current needs. 

Solution/Benefits: Help clients make the right decision based on their current and long-term insurance needs. Knowing how much and what type of life insurance coverage they will need will help them plan accordingly and may lead to a new policy purchase. 


Step 3: Contact

Call or email consumers to request an initial meeting. 

  • Plan for objections. Be prepared to talk about insurance and planning gaps.
  • Sell the appointment! It’s important so make sure they know it’s about making sure they and their loved ones are protected.

Use active listening. Don’t rush the conversation. Be well-prepared before you meet with a client. The Client Profiler can help you with some specific questions to ask based on a client concern.


Step 4: The Initial Meeting

Make the most of your time with clients. Gather all the necessary information you’ll need to understand his or her financial goals and realities. 

  • Be thorough but concise when walking through their needs. You’re on a fact-finding mission. 
  • Show them all they need to know.
  • Conduct a policy review and help them estimate their needs.
  • Help them reach informed decisions about their insurance needs. Give them product or concept brochures (available on www.pruxpress.comOpens in new window) to help them understand your recommendations, if appropriate.
  • Provide preliminary solutions (if appropriate). 


Step 5: Present Solutions

Take all the information you’ve gathered from the previous four steps, analyze it, and present insurance solutions that help address any identified coverage gaps to the client. Keep in mind that you should always lead with the need when you present the solution. Be sure to tell of the potential consequences if the identified need is not addressed. 

  • Bring in experts if necessary — a point-of-sale general agent or wholesaler can help.
  • Resell the need for life insurance — review the needs analysis if necessary.
  • Offer product solutions that meet the client’s need.
  • Seal the sale with:
    • Illustrations or product presentations
    • Product brochures
    • Possible alternatives
    • Applications


Step 6: Follow Up

This may be the most important part of any sale. The follow-up solidifies your relationship and creates a lasting impression. This is how you will build on trust and gain referrals in the process. Make sure you set expectations for future contact, and don’t forget to send cards for life events to further solidify relationships.

Following these six simple steps to mine your existing book of business can be a great way to grow your life business with people who know and trust you ... your existing clients!

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Selling more to existing clients goes a long way.

  • Improve client retention
  • Manage client risk more effectively
  • Build long-lasting client relationships
  • Boost referral rates
  • Increase your sales


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