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Retirement: The Road to Readiness

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Why the need for life insurance in retirement is exploding

Retirement has become a little trickier. As more retirees are at risk of losing their homes, life insurance is taking on a surprising new role.

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The "benefits" of a beneficiary audit

Does your year-end review checklist include a beneficiary audit? There are a few common beneficiary designation mistakes you should avoid.

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Managing the seven risks to retirement income

Retirement income planning has changed drastically over the last three decades. Most Americans could safely rely on Social Security and a pension to provide the income they needed in retirement. That’s no longer the case.

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Out of balance: The unseen effects of student loan debt on retirement readiness

Student loan debt in this country is not just an issue for Millennials. In fact, every generation of American workers, from Millennials to Generation X to Baby Boomers, is struggling to repay significant amounts of student loan debt for themselves, for a spouse, significant other or child. It’s essential to strike the fine balance between managing current finances and focusing on long-term savings while managing financial security throughout a lifetime.

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Brain is to blame: The pain of saving

Studies show that our brains register the loss of money as actual, physical pain. So when money disappears from our paycheck and goes into our retirement account, it hurts. So how can we offset that pain?

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The four pillars of U.S. Retirement

The traditional “three-legged stool” of retirement security has been Social Security, Employment-Based Plans and Personal Financial Assets. Prudential has added a fourth Pillar, Retirement Choices, to capture crucial lifestyle and financial choices facing your clients. Follow this link for a summary of all Four Pillars to help them plan effectively for a more secure retirement.

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