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Creating Opportunities for People with Disabilities.

To help elevate disability awareness in the marketplace nationwide, Prudential Group Insurance has become a national sponsor of Canine Companions for Independence®, the largest provider of trained assistance dogs in the U.S.*

Prudential Group Insurance and Canine Companions share an important mission: to provide for the needs of, and support the independence of, people with disabilities through various accommodations.

This sponsorship complements the return-to-life and return-to-work programs issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America's (Prudential) group disability plans.

Canine companions enhance quality of life
Since 1975, Canine Companions, a nonprofit organization, has trained and placed more than 4,000 assistance dogs, free of charge, to people with physical and/or cognitive impairments, including children and Veterans. Canine Companions' remarkable dogs assist with day-to-day activities and provide emotional support to help enhance the quality of life and create opportunities for people with disabilities.

A partnership that made a difference
Cara Miller and her hearing dog, Maya, graduated from the Canine Companions program six years ago. Before being partnered, Cara was heavily reliant on other people to help her with daily tasks. Her partnership with Maya helped open up Cara's world to extensive opportunity, including allowing her to travel around the country to pursue her education. Learn more about how their partnership changed Cara's life in the video below.

*, "About Us"

Group disability coverages are issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ  07102.