Our Associates

Our agency embodies the difference between hoping for something and achieving something. Attitude is everything. We are successful because our attitude is positive and we work tirelessly to bring you what you need. We believe in using our experience to help you anticipate life's financial challenges and our insight to help you make the right choices so that your needs, goals, and dreams become a reality.


Managing Director

Snigdha Adhikari
Managing Director

Tel: 425-698-4434

Fax: 425-641-9384

Financial Professionals

Mike Qualls
Financial Planner

Tel: 360-825-4909

Fax: 360-825-4920

Peter Watson
Financial Planner

Tel: 360-956-7300

Fax: 360-956-7328

Randall Barkhurst
Financial Professional

Tel: 503-598-4609

Fax: 503-213-6580

Stanley Primozich
Financial Professional

Tel: 503-434-5355

Fax: 503-435-4911

Mike Smith
Financial Professional

Tel: 360-264-8228

Fax: 360-264-6172

Sammie Sue Willenborg
Financial Professional

Tel: 503-763-3507

Fax: 503-361-7400

Jan Jones
Financial Advisor

Tel: 406-727-5151

Fax: 406-727-1211

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