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Shareholder Services

Welcome Prudential Financial Shareholder! Keeping our registered shareholders engaged and informed is very important to us. This section contains essential information for the management of your shares in Prudential Financial.

Some of the questions most frequently asked by our shareholders are shown below. To help keep you informed, we encourage you to review this important information.

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Does Prudential offer a dividend reinvestment program?

Although the Company does not currently offer a dividend reinvestment program, Prudential periodically reviews the decision of whether to offer such a program, with all relevant factors being thoroughly considered.

What is the cost basis of the shares I have at Computershare?

In general, most registered shareholders received their shares through Prudential's demutualization. Prudential received a Private Letter Ruling from the IRS indicating that the cost basis of shares received through a demutualization is zero. Prudential is aware of a court ruling regarding the cost basis of demutualization shares, and that the IRS’ appeal of this ruling was denied. It is our understanding that the IRS is currently awaiting a Federal District Court ruling and is evaluating their next steps. Please consult your personal tax advisor for any tax-related questions you may have regarding the cost basis of shares issued as part of a demutualization.

Are these shares part of my policy?

Your shares are maintained separately from your policy and your policy was not impacted in any way when the shares were issued. Any action taken on your stock account, such as selling your shares or changing your address, will not impact your policy records. Similarly, changes made to your policy will not carry over to your stock account. You will need to manage your stock account separately through Computershare, Prudential's transfer agent.

What is Prudential's shareholder dividend history?

Dividends are only paid on shares of Prudential Financial, Inc. Common Stock if declared by the Board of Directors. For the years 2002 through 2012, the Board declared an annual dividend on its Common Stock. On November 7, 2012, Prudential announced the move to a quarterly Common Stock dividend schedule beginning in the first quarter of 2013. To view Prudential's shareholder dividend history, please click here.

What is the stock price?

Current and historical stock prices are available here.