Prudential DentalSM, issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, is affordable dental coverage that can help you access the care you need to protect your smile. There are a lot of reasons to enroll in Prudential Dental through your employer's group plan.

Benefits to You
  • It's convenient. You can purchase your coverage at work-no need to do your own research and sort through quotes. And, once you are enrolled in a Prudential Dental plan, you can check your coverage and claim status, print forms, and more, by visiting our secure website, My PRU Benefits, at any time.

  • It's cost effective. Group rates are often less than the rates you can get on an individual plan.

  • It's easy. As a Prudential Dental plan participant, you can expect a superior service experience, including prompt claims processing that makes it easy for you to take advantage of your
    plan benefits.

  • The provider network is expansive. If you enroll in Prudential Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, you'll have access to over 190,000 provider locations nationwide.

  • You can choose your dentist or specialist. With a PPO or Indemnity plan, you may choose to receive care from any dental care provider. However, keep in mind that with a PPO plan, your out-of-pocket cost will generally be lower when you use an in-network provider.

  • Good health begins with a healthy mouth and regular dental care. Studies have shown that good oral hygiene-combined with professional dental check-ups and cleanings-can make a noticeable difference in your overall health. Learn more about the importance of oral health and hygiene on our Brush Up on Dental Health website. Through this site you have access to risk assessment tools, informational articles, basic dental benefit terminology, and the ability to ask a dentist general questions you may have.

Limitations and Exclusions

Dental Insurance is subject to certain limitations and exclusions. Please consult your Booklet-Certificate
for details.


Submit dental estimates and claims to:

The Prudential Insurance Company of America
Prudential Dental
P.O. Box 7809
London, KY 40742
Payor ID: CX049


Prudential Dental Customer Service Line

877-471-DENT (3368)