Near-perfect weather, plentiful culture, diverse cuisines, and year round indoor-outdoor living… all reasons why Southern California is known for its enviable quality of life. And that's what our agency is all about— helping people like you achieve financial quality of life. Built around ethics and trust, our agency proudly serves local communities, assisting individuals in identifying current and upcoming challenges and then devising short and long-term insurance and financial strategies to manage risk, prepare for growth, and measure progress along the way.

Excellent service is the hallmark of our agency. As your friends and neighbors, we too live in your community and share and interest in seeing those around us achieve their goals. We are proud to have built a strong referral network with other local professionals to whom we can direct you if you have a matter requiring additional expertise. Not only is this good for you, it is good for those professionals as well— a testimonial to our community.

The Challenge

The economic downturn has affected us all. But its impact has been especially challenging for the underprivileged in our cities and institutions that serve them.

Prudential has a long-standing commitment to investing in the communities where we live and work around the world. Through the efforts of our Community Resources Department, The Prudential Foundation, and the many projects led by Prudential volunteers, we strive to tangibly improve the lives and living conditions of our neighbors and build thriving, sustainable communities.

Asset Protection and Risk Management

Awards & Accolades