Overseas Assignment Inventory (OAI)

The ability to adapt to other cultures is critical to the success of international assignments. Prudential Relocation's Intercultural Group can assist you in assessing this critical skill.

The Overseas Assignment Inventory (OAI) is our proprietary, web-based assessment tool that is designed to assess cultural adaptability for employees and spouses going on expatriate assignments. You can use the OAI to:
  • Assess potential candidates for international assignments
  • Integrate a cultural adaptability assessment tool into a candidate selection process
  • Further develop expatriates through inclusion in intercultural training programmes or coaching
OAI Services:

OAI Assessment Service
An in-depth assessment service for candidates that incorporates the OAI Development Guide and a behavioral interview. This service will provide clients with an in-depth Assessment Report.

OAI Certification Workshop
If you want to utilize the OAI as part of an internal assessment and selection processes, we offer a certification workshop to train you how to interpret and debrief the OAI.

OAI Developmental Debriefing
For the development of expatriates and spouses we integrate the OAI into our intercultural training programs.

Global Assessment Inventory (GAI)

The Global Assessment Inventory (GAI) is Prudential Relocation's Intercultural Group's web-based instrument that is designed to assess attributes related to success in multicultural interactions. These attributes are key to a successful experience working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

You can use the GAI for:
  • Business travelers who want to maximize their effectiveness in cross-cultural situations
  • Employees who work in multicultural teams who want to increase their self-awareness
  • Executives who are managing employees across cultures
  • Potential candidates for an international assignment who want to take a self-assessment tool
  • HR managers who want to use the assessment of cross-cultural effectiveness as a part of employee development or creation of candidate pools