Automatic Payments is a fast and easy way to pay your insurance premiums on a monthly basis. You simply enroll once in the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program, and Prudential automatically withdraws premium payments directly from your checking or savings account each month.

Please keep in mind that Automatic Payments is only available on a monthly frequency and cannot be used to make payments toward an outstanding policy loan.

Enrolling in Automatic payments is easy!

Option 1:

If you, as the premium payor, are also the policyowner, you may be able to enroll online. Simply Log In  to access your account online and then click the "Automatic Payments" option below your policy number.

Option 2:

  1. Download the enrollment form below by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Complete, sign, and date the Request for Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment Form and enclose your blank, voided check for the checking account you wish us to withdraw your payments from. Note: We cannot obtain acceptable banking information from deposit slips.
  3. Make a copy for your records.
  4. Return the completed signed form and the voided check to the address provided below.

PO BOX 7398

This document is in Adobe Acrobat format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or later) plug-in for viewing. Obtain the plug-in and instructions for installation free of charge.

Download the Request for Request for Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment Form.