Electronic Funds Transfer is a fast and easy way to pay your monthly insurance premiums or annuity payments. You simply enroll once, and Prudential automatically withdraws payments directly from your checking account each month.

You can use Electronic Funds Transfer to pay your monthly life insurance premiums if they meet monthly minimums. If you own more than one policy, or purchase additional policies, you can usually combine the payments into one Electronic Funds Transfer withdrawal each month. (Electronic Funds Transfer may not be available for certain types of policies issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Pruco Life Insurance Company, and Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey, all of which are Prudential companies.)

Enrolling in the Electronic Funds Transfer payment plan is easy.
  1. Download the enrollment form below.
  2. Fill out and sign the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Enrollment Form and attach a voided check from the account from which you'd like payments withdrawn.
  3. Make a copy for your records or use the "Client Copy" provided.
  4. Return the signed form and copy of a voided check to the address provided below.

Electronic Funds Transfer SECTION
PO BOX 7398

If you are already enrolled in Prudential's Electronic Funds Transfer program but are changing banks, you can use the same form to submit these change requests, or you may call 800-854-2977 to make the change over the telephone; permissibility is dependent on the authorization form on file with the company. If this is requested and past premiums are due at the time Prudential receives the completed form, Prudential will draft the bank account for any past premiums due on the closest available draft date after receiving the completed form. This does not apply to Variable Universal Life (VUL), PruLife Custom Premier (VUL II), or PruLife Universal (UL) contracts. On VUL, VUL II, and UL contracts, Prudential will not draft any past-due premiums unless a written request is received from the bank account owner.

You may modify the EFT agreement by authorizing Prudential to make electronic fund withdrawals or other forms of preauthorized check withdrawals from any other bank account at any financial institution that you designate either in writing or orally in accordance with Prudential's then-applicable rules. Prudential will confirm any such modifications in writing. You can cancel your authorization at any time by either calling us toll free at 800-854-2977, or by giving Prudential written notice. Any such notice will not be deemed effective until Prudential has had a reasonable time of at least four business days to act.

You will have 30 days to notify Prudential of any errors on your bank statement.

Prudential reserves the right to remove any policy from electronic funds transfer at any time and to change the payment frequency to quarterly or another less frequent mode at its sole discretion.

This document is in Adobe Acrobat format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or later) plug-in for viewing. Obtain the plug-in and instructions for installation free of charge.

Download the Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment Form.