If our advisory service department was a stand-alone business segment, separate from Prudential Retirement, it would be one of the largest advisory practices in the country. Our highly credentialed service staff of over 200 advisors. averages over 20 years of industry expertise and is ready to meet your advisory needs. And we're skilled at partnering with other advisors you may wish to retain to ensure that you receive fully integrated information.

With that in mind, we offer comprehensive services in the following key areas:

Plan Management-As a plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary responsibility to manage your plans wisely. To best meet your event driven design, modeling and forecasting needs, our experienced advisors offer the following specialized products and services:
  • Pension and retiree health and welfare actuarial valuations
  • Strategic plan design
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Asset liability modeling
Mergers & Acquisitions-Mergers and acquisitions add a layer of complexity to an already challenging job. Our M&A services provide you with the tools and expertise you need to achieve a seamless transition while meeting your deadlines and fiduciary responsibilities. Services include:
  • Pre-merger analysis
  • Plan design
  • Strategic communications
  • Transition process
  • Post-merger follow-up
Investments-At Prudential Retirement, our Investment Advisory Services philosophy is really quite simple. We believe:
  • An investment strategy must consider a plan's or an individual's distinct risk preferences, time line and expectations.
  • Asset diversification provides the best opportunity for managing investment risk
  • No single investment manager is "best-in-class" consistently.
  • Active management helps increases the likelihood of better performance.
  • Rigorous, ongoing risk-adjusted performance measures support sound decision-making.
In close cooperation with your advisor, our services in this area include:
  • Investment policy development and monitoring
  • Asset allocation strategies for defined benefit programs
  • Due Diligence Advisor Program, where available
  • Investment guidance and ongoing review
Compliance-Our advisors will work with you to meet the ongoing regulatory and compliance needs associated with qualified and non-qualified plans. Services in this area include:
  • Compliance Testing
  • Pension and Retiree Health and Welfare ActuarialValuations
  • Drafting and Maintenance of Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Government Filings