Many individuals changing jobs or moving into retirement have accumulated an account balance within their organization's retirement plan but don't know what to do next. We realize that each individual has unique income needs during retirement. Prudential can help your participants leverage their resources to make the best use of Social Security income, life expectancy, taxes, retirement savings and benefits. We'll help them to determine the amount of income necessary to have the basic standard of living they want to maintain. Our solutions work with each individual's preferences, including tolerance for risk, need for guaranteed income and exposure to growth markets.
Included in your overall retirement plan offering through Prudential, your participants receive the complimentary services of our Retirement Counselor's to help educate them about all of the options available within their retirement account. Our Counselor's can help create a retirement strategy to enhance your employer-sponsored savings plan with additional accounts featuring a full selection of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, brokerage services, annuities and banking solutions.

Specific to terminated employees, we have a dedicated team who are specially trained to work with individuals undergoing change. Through one-on-one counseling, we can help develop investment strategies for all types of retirement and investment accounts. This dedicated team is comprised of subject matter experts on retirement planning, regulatory changes and industry trends. And, in addition to their financial expertise, they also have an understanding of life insurance and health care issues-so they're capable of helping you consider a wide variety of factors related to your retirement planning.

Prudential Retirement's individually focused solutions ensure that transitioning employees can expect to receive:
  • knowledgeable, objective guidance aimed at helping them make their money last a lifetime;
  • counseling services to help ensure that individuals understand their options and how each affects their situation;
  • personal contact throughout their working years and beyond; and
  • assistance through the entire process, including paperwork, should they decide to take a distribution.

In addition to retirement counseling services, we also offer a pre-retiree educational curriculum aimed at topics relevant to participants aged 50 and older. The curriculum is provided through on-site seminars, online webinars, and through the use of online tools and tutorials.

Want to learn more? Just give us a call to help you "keep it going"… 1-800-992-4472 or visit our Personal Retirement Services home page.