Personalized Communication and Education

One of the biggest challenges facing retirement providers and plan sponsors has always been informing and motivating employees to save for retirement. That's why we work closely with advisors and consultants to maximize participation by using group meetings, plan level and national webinars. And why we've been at the forefront of creating innovative, communications and education. You can read more in our white paper about Redefining Defined Contribution Plans.

Our outcome-focused approach to participant education makes the entire experience effective because it is designed to easily:

  • Engage participants;
  • Enhance their saving experience; and help them to
  • Enjoy reliable retirement income

Prudential Retirement helps you empower your retirement plan participants by providing easy-to-access resources and education they need to inform their retirement planning . All the tools are there when they are ready to take action.

In addition to our participant marketing materials, which are print-on-demand, we also offer targeted education programs tailored to the participants' needs. Our programs are available via a variety of media to keep participants current on investment concepts and strategies long after they've joined the program.

Some of the key events targeting participant behaviors in 2010 include:

  • National targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Retirement Readiness national webinar
  • 5 new online courses
  • Retirement Planning for Millennials national webinar

To help prepare participants for retirement, we offer a number of educational options. Self-guided learning tutorials allow participants to conveniently access education at their own convenience. Educational campaigns reinforce the value of plan benefits and the need for building a sustainable income in retirement.

Additional planning support is available through, our Retirement Income Calculator which allows participants to perform a personalized gap analysis and outlines possible next steps to help individuals reach their retirement goals. The calculator provides recommendations to help participants make decisions about their retirement planning. After a participant initially uses the calculator, he or she will find that the calculator's results are integrated into other areas of the participant transaction website to provide immediate feedback about decisions like increasing contributions or enrolling in the Contribution Accelerator program.

In addition, integrated within the participant website are a host of educational tools and resources such as articles, frequently asked questions, interactive calculators, and online courses. All of this content is focused specifically on our participants and is not publicly available.

Finally, to reflect the growing influence of the Hispanic population on the American workforce, we have developed a variety of comprehensive participant programs that encourage enrollment, increase contribution levels and encourage the review of asset allocation. These programs move beyond translation to address first- and second-generation Spanish-speaking Americans in the most meaningful and effective manner possible. In addition, our educational website is available entirely in Spanish.