At Prudential Retirement®-a business unit of Prudential Financial-we focus our nearly 85 years of experience on helping your organization realize the maximum benefit of its retirement program. We make sure that, as the plan sponsor, you receive the lion's share of credit for its success.

We do this in two very important ways. First, our philosophy of "your business is our business" means we take the time and effort to thoroughly understand your business requirements, your organization's outlook and culture as well as your participants' needs. Second, because we are not biased toward a business model that dictates the manufacture and distribution of retail money management vehicles, we are free to offer and implement solutions that put your needs and those of your participants first. We realize not every product and service will apply to your specific needs, so we craft a customized solution that makes sense for your organization.

Prudential Retirement (information as of 9/30/2010)
  • Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Individual Solutions, Nonqualified, and Total Retirement Services (TRS) experience
  • Serving over 4,600 organizations
  • Serving over 3.7 million participants and annuitants
  • Over $194 billion in retirement plan account values
Working with Prudential

At Prudential Retirement, our single most important objective is to deliver positive outcomes for you and your participants. To accomplish this objective, our team of highly credentialed professionals works with you and your advisor to develop a customized solution that's right for your plan, your organization and your participants. This allows you to realize the following benefits:

  • Control-With our help, you have the flexibility to customize your retirement offering so it's ideally suited to your organization, your participants and your future.
  • Real Results-Thanks to a best-in-class investment approach and innovative communication and education, we can help your participants build real wealth and value.
  • Oversight-Prudential Retirement provides a unique, meticulously developed fiduciary support and risk-management process that ensures you meet all your obligations.
  • Freedom-Simply put, spending less time focusing on your retirement plan means more time to concentrate on your business. We deliver these benefits in a variety of ways.
    First and foremost by taking the time to analyze your organization, your people and your unique needs, and then developing a highly customized program that fits your organization perfectly.

    Second, by offering the depth and breadth of retirement products and services that can handle all your retirement program needs:
  • Best-in-Class investment approach
  • Segmented and personalized education and communication
  • Comprehensive advisory services
  • Risk management
  • Secure Retirement
Finally, each of these services is backed by a team of highly qualified, service-driven professionals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and put their considerable expertise into delivering intelligent solutions that work for you. All this not only makes us exceptionally easy to do business with, it also means you can rely on us for all your retirement needs.

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