Each year, The Prudential Foundation invests more than $25 million in grants to support the revitalization of communities and the community engagement efforts of Prudential employees.


The Prudential Foundation’s mission is to promote strong communities and improve social outcomes for residents in the places where we work and live.

To achieve this mission, we focus strategically in the areas of Economic Development, Education, and Arts & Culture. We believe that we can make positive differences for our communities by investing in quality education for our young people, creating strong local economies and vibrant arts communities, and supporting marginalized adults in attaining economic security.

We are living in a global, knowledge-based economy. The long-term prospects of our nation depend on our ability to educate all of our citizens at equal and high levels. Similarly, for our communities to thrive in this economy, we must be focused on creating jobs, strengthening job skills, and creating vibrant places to live and work.


  • We make long-term grant investments that yield tangible results.
  • We invest in leadership and collaboration to promote, replicate, and integrate evidence-based practices.
  • We look at all the ways we can help our grantees succeed by leveraging our portfolio of community resources including filling open board seats and engaging Prudential employees to contribute in meaningful ways.
  • Vulnerable populations are our highest priority, in particular, disadvantaged youth.


In order to promote sustainable communities and improve social outcomes for community residents, The Prudential Foundation focuses its resources on the following areas:

  • Economic Development. We seek to enhance the vitality of communities by improving the capability of people to earn income and attain, preserve, and grow financial assets. We believe that low-income families can acquire assets and become more financially secure if given the opportunity; that workforce development works best when it is tied to the needs of local employers and creates jobs that offer stable employment, a livable wage, and access to affordable benefits; and that small-business development is an important driver of economic growth and job creation. We also believe that strong communities leverage and build on community assets (e.g., parks, schools, educational, medical or cultural institutions, transit networks) to bring needed resources and/or services to the community.

  • Education. The Foundation seeks to transform the public education system to dramatically improve the long-term social and economic outcomes for all children. The Foundation believes that access to a high-quality, challenging education is a right for all children, regardless of background, and that a high-quality public education system is an essential component to a thriving community. We believe that leadership is a proven lever for change and we invest in opportunities to develop and support strong educational leaders to manage school systems, schools and classrooms. We believe in developing the whole child to increase motivation and engagement in the classroom to improve academic achievement. Finally, we believe these education reform efforts can only be sustained through public and parent engagement.

  • Arts & Culture. The Foundation strives to support arts and culture that contribute to the local economy and provide diverse opportunities for individuals to experience and participate in the arts. We believe access to and participation in the arts is essential to a thriving and vibrant community and its members.

For more information, read Prudential Foundation Grant Guidelines http://www.prudential.com/media/managed/pdf_r05.gif

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