Message from Community Resources

Solving the issues that our society faces requires more resources than a single organization can bring to bear. That is because the complexity of these issues does not align with single-threaded solutions, but rather requires multiple threads to be woven into a complete tapestry. Threads that provide ideas, skills, leadership and financial resources to come together to create lasting solutions. At the heart of any Community Resources initiative is the commitment to reach out to people and communities –connecting and collaborating to create those solutions.

Collaboration has been a driving force behind our organization for more than 135 years. It is our heritage. Working together with partners and stakeholders within and outside of our company is ingrained in our culture; it is how we have been able to build trusted relationships that stand the test of time.

It is fitting then that the theme of this year’s annual report is Collaborating for Impact. It provides a closer look at how we work together with our partners to develop innovative programs and solutions. We’re honored to work with the world-class organizations featured in this report in service to people and communities across the United States and around the world.

Sharon C. Taylor
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Chair, The Prudential Foundation

Lata N. Reddy
Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility
President, The Prudential Foundation