• To apply for funding from the Prudential Foundation, applicants must meet the specific criteria described in the Prudential Foundation Policies and Guidelines. ALL grant proposals must be submitted using our online application system.
  • To apply for a grant, applicants will need to set up a user account by using the link Start a New Application
  • To continue working on an application that already has been started in the system, please log into your Prudential Foundation account. Login to Prudential Foundation..


The Foundation receives and reviews proposals throughout the year. Staff responds to applicants within approximately 60 days. For more information about The Prudential Foundation, please call (973) 802-4070 or send inquiries to:


  • Write down the applicant's user name and password for future reference. An email confirmation with user account information will be sent upon creating an account.
  • It is important to note the email address used for the Prudential Foundation Account should be shared with any individual that will be preparing reports or grant applications on behalf of the organization. This will ensure that all reporting and grant applications submitted via the online system will be maintained in one area.
  • There is no logout feature once you have signed into the system. Simply close the browser window when you are finished.
  • Applicants can print out and/or email "printer friendly" drafts or submitted applications via the links at the top of each page throughout the application.
  • Do not use your browser "back" button. Depending on the browser, it is possible unsaved information will be lost or deleted. To navigate throughout the application, please do so by clicking on the page number or links at the top of each page, the next button at the bottom of each page, or click the "Save and Finish Later" button.
  • Each time you click the "Start A New Application" link, a new application and tracking number will be assigned to your account, even if you do not begin filling it out. This can result in multiple unintended in-progress applications. Be sure to access an already in-progress application by logging in to your Prudential Foundation Account.