In today's global economy, it's essential that your employees are able to navigate through diverse cultural business environments. Prudential Relocation's Intercultural Training group understands this, and offers a variety of innovative services designed to help achieve that goal.

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Intercultural Training

The challenges that come with living and working in a foreign environment cannot be underestimated. Prudential Relocation's Intercultural Group offers intercultural training programs designed to speed the transition and make the employees and their families comfortable and productive on their new assignments.

Business Training

Helping your employees understand cultural differences and increase their skills for dealing effectively with associates, alliances, or clients of different cultural backgrounds, whether in the same location or spanning multiple countries, is critical. Prudential Relocation's Intercultural Group offers cultural business training designed to help our clients meet their goals in the global marketplace by helping their employees work more effectively in a multicultural environment.

Cultural Assessment and Development

Selecting the right personnel for your intercultural assignments can mean the difference between success – and a missed opportunity. Thanks to our proprietary assessment tools, you can identify the intercultural skills of your executives and employees, and also implement programs to improve those skills.