Your company's global strategy and policies are critical to the success of your global business. We will consult you in creating a customized global relocation policy that eases the transition for your employees and contains the costs of managing the mobility of your employees around the globe.

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  • Client consultation and research related to current international assignment management issues and trends.

  • Policy reviews including observations, comparisons and comments based upon knowledge of international policy standards, trends and best practices.

  • Benchmarking and analysis to determine competitiveness and effectiveness of your current policies and programs.

  • Customized policy and/or program recommendations based on an assessment of your current business strategy and employee deployment objectives.

  • Design and implementation of international policies including long-term, short-term, commutation and localization policies.

  • Assessment and/or integration of international assignment programs following a merger or acquisition.

  • Analysis of financial performance and/or the impact of implemented or proposed policy and program revisions.

  • Customized repatriation programs designed to enable the successful reintegration of your employees returning from global assignments.

  • Assessment of employee compensation methodologies including recommendations for changes and updates to meet your current business objectives.

  • Thought leadership including articles, presentations and white papers about the latest information in international relocation