The investment your company makes in restructuring its operations- moving parts of the business or groups of employees- is as critical as any long-term financial investment. It takes experience, dedicated resources, and the ability to design real-world solutions. For over 35 years, Prudential Relocation's Global Consulting Group has offered a comprehensive range of outsourced group move services. Companies select us for our experience and unique ability to provide services and planning models that address their business needs, as well as the pre-decision needs of their employees and families.

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  • Project Plan Development to compliment your business strategy and employee deployment objectives.

  • Site Selection assistance based on employee action analysis, proxy policy provisions and related costs provided to aid your move decision-making.

  • Employee Retention and Attrition Analysis through a proprietary employee action model or employee surveys and interviews.

  • Communication Strategy and Plan designed to positively influence employee attitudes, help maintain productivity and strengthen understanding of the business rationale for the move among various constituencies.

  • Benchmark and Analysis of your policy's competitiveness within a specific industry or geographic area including information on trends, issues and best practices.

  • Policy Recommendations and Development based on an assessment of your business strategy and employee deployment objectives.

  • Cost Estimates for budgeting the financial impact of your move decisions.

  • Orientation Meetings provide objective data on the new location and dispel misconceptions through multimedia presentations, meetings with area representatives and Q & A sessions.

  • Policy Briefing to have employees and managers clearly understand business decisions surrounding the move and the scope of benefits available to support the transition. Familiarization Trip to provide your employees with a first-hand look at area housing, communities, education, cultural and recreational facilities.

  • City-on-a-Disk is a CD-ROM customized to address your situation and supplement traditional area information.

  • Resource Center is a tool that serves as a focal point for relocation-related activities and information for your employees