Whenever a financial challenge faces your life, it's wise to seek the professional guidance of a financial professional and to ensure you've considered all the factors that may affect your immediate, short- and long-term financial goals. But to whom can you turn for reliable guidance in these matters? If you're looking for an experienced financial professional to help you find solutions to your financial challenges, I can help. I'll strive to maintain a strong relationship with you through every life stage. Together we'll review your insurance needs and goals, adjust strategies as needed, and I will provide you with various options to make sure that we are providing the right solutions to your financial challenges.

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The Challenge

With people living longer, we're challenged to finance retirements that could last 20 to 30 years or more. Over the last generation, the number of private sector workers with traditional pensions has declined significantly. Health care and other costs in retirement keep rising.

Add it up, and it means people today shoulder more personal responsibility to finance longer and more expensive retirements. This calls for a fundamental shift in the way we plan for retirement, from just accumulating savings to planning for lifetime income.

Asset Protection and Risk Management

Business Planning Needs

Investments and Retirement Planning Needs