Women and Money

Prudential Business Leaders Reflect on Findings from New Women's Study

Our 2012-13 study found that women are increasingly the primary breadwinners of many households. They are more likely to be single than a generation ago, either as a result of being widowed or the decision to remain single, marry later or divorce. This is increasingly the case for women in their 50s or later. Our data confirms the long-term trend we have seen of women playing a key role in making financial decisions, but notes that increasingly this is not a matter of choice.


Susan Blount, senior vice president and general counsel of Prudential Financial, Inc., and Christine Marcks, president of Prudential Retirement, offer their viewpoints on Prudential’s 2012-2013 study, "Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women"


Read Susan Blount’s and Christine Marcks’ Foreword from the study

“While our past research has shown that the vast majority of women have become primary or joint financial decision makers, this new data shows that consistent with demographic trends and reflecting the impact of the financial crisis, the majority of women today are responsible for generating their own and their families’ income,” said Blount.  “The study shows with women in more control than ever of their finances, they face significant challenges when it comes to financial decision making and admit to a lack of knowledge about financial solutions that can help them.”


“It is concerning that so many women do not feel they have the information they need to make the necessary decisions to help secure their financial futures,” said Marcks.  “Whether the financial services industry or advisors like it or not, given women’s key role as primary breadwinners and financial decision makers, there needs to be greater emphasis on supporting women’s financial needs and helping them plan for a secure retirement.” 

Begun in 2000 and updated every two years, Prudential's 2012-2013 study on The Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women is based on a poll of 1,410 American women and 604 American men between the ages of 25 and 68. The results reflect the makeup of the entire female population, including diverse ethnic segments, with a margin of error of ±2.18%. Respondents are panelists in the Harris Interactive Poll Online. No income or financial decision-making qualifications were required to participate in the study.

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