Women and Money

Choosing a Financial Advisor

Form a relationship that will last.

One of the most important relationships you'll ever have is the one with your financial advisor. According to the 2009 Investment Company Fact Book,* "Investors who chose to work with advisors indicated that the relationship improved their chances of growing their money and gave them peace of mind about their investments. They cited several tangible benefits of the investor/advisor relationship, expressing the common theme among survey respondents that using professional financial advisors provided a level of expertise that enhanced their investment decision-making."

Especially in these times of market turbulence and fears about an extended recession, a financial professional can help you:

  • Select appropriate investment products
  • Understand the risks and rewards associated with various products
  • Build or rebuild your 401(k) plan
  • Fund a college education
  • Choose a suitable life insurance policy
  • Handle an inheritance or windfall
  • Keep up with changing IRS regulations
  • Respond to financial obligations associated with the death of a spouse
  • Process investment transactions
  • Monitor portfolio holdings

When it comes to protecting your future and leaving a legacy for your family, a financial professional can offer you the guidance you need.

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* Investment Company Institute, “Characteristics of Mutual Fund Owners,” Copyright 2010.

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