Women and Money

Tips for Managing Your Financial Life

We understand the tough decisions women make every day. To help you make those decisions, we've put together articles on such topics as taking on the role of primary breadwinner, managing and reducing debt, planning for retirement, and bouncing back from unemployment. For each article, we supply additional solutions and tools to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.


Managing Family & Relationships
Keeping Yourself and Your Family on Track in Your Role of Breadwinner
Bouncing Back from Unemployment
Juggling Work and Family
Understanding the Stay-at-Home Parent's Financial Contribution
Providing for a Loved One with Special Needs


Managing Your Finances
Taking Care of Yourself and Your Financial Health
Managing Your Household Debt While Saving for the Future
Refinancing Your Mortgage
The Savings Dilemma:  College or Retirement
Coping with Rising Health-Care Costs
Save Money. Save the Environment.
Choosing a Financial Professional


Preparing for Retirement
Working Longer for Retirement
Catch-Up Contributions: How to Grow Your Retirement Savings Faster
Have a 401(k)? 5 Reasons to Stand by Your Plan

Using an IRA to Save for Retirement

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